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Like the Look of Cowboy Boots? Here’s How to Find the Best Country Western Boots for Your Lifestyle

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Next to cowboy hats, country western boots are some of the most recognizable pieces of western fashion available for purchase. Because they serve as a fashion accessory, they can fit in with almost any look, and there are just as many varieties of western style boots as there are occasions to wear them on. But finding the right kinds of cowboy boots, however, is another challenge for many who love this look.

Fortunately, there are many different types of styles for country western boots, from casual to formal and more. Here are just three types of cowboy boots that could suit almost any outfit, whether worn by a western wear fan or not.

1. Work Attire

When working a job that involves manual labor, most workers prefer boots over other types of shoes. In order to have proper protection on the job, however, selecting the right kinds of boots is key. While traditional cowboy boots with pointed toes and all kinds of accessories would not be the right choice, there are western style work boots that will provide comfort throughout the workday. Most, if not all, of these boots are designed with steel toes, too, to keep workers safe.

2. Casual Wear for Going Out

Many people love the look of cowboy boots in their daily outfits — and especially for wearing out. In these cases, choosing the right pair of boots is up to the preference of the wearer, but he or she should still be aware of the differences in leather type and quality. For instance, cowboy boots with finished and unfinished leather can both create entirely different aesthetics for an outfit: finished leather will have a shine to it, whereas unfinished leather may look matte or worn. Casual wearers of cowboy boots may also have more choices with regard to color, style, and boot height.

3. Formal Outfits

Yes, even a suit or tuxedo can be complemented with cowboy boots. For very formal situations, such as a wedding, for example, it is best to keep a look subdued and go for quality above all else. Choose well made leather and dark or neutral tones in order to not stand out too much. However, if there is a theme color for the wedding, it can be permissible to experiment with color a bit. (And there’s nothing that says a bride can’t wear her favorite pair of cowboy boots underneath her gown, either!)

Have more questions about selecting the right kinds of country western boots for your wardrobe? Leave a comment below. To learn more, read this.

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