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Women Turn to Botox Calf Injections for Slimmer Calves

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Yes, Botox treatments for calves are a real thing, and the trend is quickly gaining momentum.

Botox treatments have long been considered the ideal, go-to anti-wrinkle treatment, providing both men and women will a smoother, more youthful appearance in the face. Unlike surgical options or day-spa deep wrinkle treatments, Botox surged in popularity among celebrities and everyday people due it’s efficacy, ease (a treatment can be completed during an hour lunch break), and painlessness.

“Botox injections are the ideal cosmetic procedure: dramatic benefits, few side effects and adjustable to achieve desired results. Botox relaxes your facial appearance to restore a smoother, more youthful appearance. It only takes a small amount of Botox, and combined with topical anesthetics, Botox can be completely painless,” according to Dr. Janis Campbell, Dermatologist at Laser Rejuvenation Clinic and Spa of Calgary.

However, now the popular treatment is being used on an entirely different body part from the face: calves.

Women are now using Botox treatments to achieve smaller, slimmer, and more defined calf muscles in order to fit into winter boots or wear trendy, fashionable attire such as leggings and skinny jeans.

Many women naturally have larger calf muscles due to genetics or participation in athletic activities. Also, over time, calf muscles can naturally bulge due to everyday activities such as walking and wearing heels.

Botox calf injections work in the same way as Botox facial injections, by “freezing” the muscle and preventing it from contracting (or forming wrinkles). When injected into the calf muscles, Botox has been shown to reduce the circumference by of the calf by up to two inches. However, the dosage for Botox calf injections is much higher than facial injections; 125 units per calf compared to 20 units for the face.

However, the new treatment is not without criticism, and has caused my cosmetic surgeons to raise a cautious eyebrow. Over time, Botox calf injections may cause calf muscles to lose their strength, leading to joint problems. Also, the calf injections could cause blood clots, which are known to be fatal.

Despite the risks many women feel it’s a God send, and the trend — already popular in Asia and the UK — is quickly gaining momentum in the United States.

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