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Looking to Help Save the Planet? Buy Yourself Some Stylish Tote Bags

When you buy and use heavy duty tote bags with the intent of using fewer tote bags, you do not quite realize just how much you are helping. More than you know, that is for sure. It is not a few plastic bags here and there, no, it is over 700 plastic bags. That is right! For every 700 plastic bags you use, you could have, instead, used heavy tote bags.

Animals in Distress

It is no secret that plastic bags are harmful to the environment because of their properties. Plastic does not break down through bio-degradation, instead, it breaks down through photo-degradation.

You might be thinking, “It broke down through photo-degradation. Is that not enough?” Well, no. It is worse. You see, through photo-degradation, the plastic bits then float around in the water. Sea animals, like sea turtles, mistaken the little plastic bits as plankton. It may come as a surprise, but you can’t eat plastic. It is toxic. Plastic seriously blocks an animal’s digestive track. Spoiler alert: the animals die from this.

Understanding its Cyclical Nature

Switching over to heavy duty tote bags does more than reduce the number of plastic bags used, and it is a great amount; 2 million plastic bags get used every minute, which means a trillion by the year’s end. It is a domino effect. It turns into a cycle of reuse and recycle that chips away at the number of plastic bags used the more people switch over to heavy duty tote bags. It is an impressive cycle.

The cycle is simple to understand: you use a heavy duty tote bag, you use fewer plastic bags, if any. When you use reduce the number of plastic bags you use, you reduce the number of plastic bags that end up in landfills or get recycled. Rinse and repeat for every person until plastic bags are gone. By the end of your days, you will have saved 22,000 plastic bags from disrupting the environment. It is beautifully simple, but much harder in execution.

Convincing Others with a Special Gift

If you are looking to convince others to join your cause, telling them it is bad for the environment is going to immediately block your message. Instead, a much more subtle approach is needed to handle the situation. Remember, you are challenging their lack of information, and well, people generally do not like that. Be casual about your facts, slip them nonchalantly into conversation when it is deemed appropriate.

Another great solution is convincing others with heavy duty canvas bags as gifts, especially if it they are custom heavy duty canvas totes. There is something satisfying about getting a gift that is custom-made. People like to accessorize, and what better way to do that than with a stylish, custom-made red canvas bag, or a black canvas tote?

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