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Tips for a Successful Class Fundraisder

Fundraisers are a great way to raise money for school activities or to teach kids about donating to charities. They are also a fun way to build school spirit and work as a team. Having a successful fundraising event depends on how you plan to raise the funds, how well everyone pulls together as a team, and how you promote the fundraiser. There a few things you can do to make yours more successful.

Make It Fun

While some people may be drawn to a fundraiser just for the sake of giving, lots of people don’t want to do something that isn’t fun or beneficial for them in some way. In order to draw in a larger crowd and have a super successful class fundraiser, you need to find ways to make it fun. You can do this by offering exciting fundraising products for people to buy, putting together competitive games, selling appealing food, and maybe even doing a raffle. Think outside the box for ways to make the event appealing to all in one way or another.

Promote Ahead of Time

You don’t want to wait until the last minute to inform families about a fundraiser. It’s best to give them time to prepare for it, that way they can save up money and clear their calendars for the day of the event. Send home flyers a few weeks before the event, and then again a few days to a week before. If you want to make it a community fundraiser you can even reach out to news and radio stations and ask them to put the word out.

Get the Students Excited

Another great way to have a successful class fundraiser is to make sure the students are excited for it. Create an event they will want to tell their parents about and offer fundraising apparel like t-shirts to make them feel like a team. You can even offer reward t-shirts or prizes that they get for showing up and bringing a family member with them to the event.

A good school fundraiser is all about creating excitement. You want to do something that will make the community and your students want to get involved. Make it rewarding for them and they will make it rewarding for the school.

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