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In the “Facebook era” that we are currently living in, photography has become an immensely important part of our lives and everyone with an i-phone or digital camera has the potential to become a photographer. On Facebook alone an average of 350 million photos are uploaded daily and overall there are hundreds of millions of pictures on Facebook. In this age, where our social lives and photography have reached an inseparable crossroads, the importance of being an artistic photographer has never been greater.
Now, we all have the option to be your own photographer and snap endless pictures on your i-phone or digital camera. Here are some tips for better photos in order to ensure that when you are casually being an artistic photographer, either at the bar, your child’s soccer game or a wedding, that you are all being the best photographers you can be.
First, simplify the scene. It’s more difficult for your camera to pick out the subject of a photo than it is for your eye to do so. Having too much going on in a picture will make your pictures look cluttered and unorganized.
Second, fill the frame. Blank space makes the pictures taken by artistic photographers look squashed. Plus, you want as much of the beautiful subject as possible to be in the picture.
Third, try out different camera angles! What really separates artistic photographers from boring everyday photo takers is their ability to capture images in new and interesting ways. Many contemporary artistic photographers are taking photos of their subject on a diagonal in order to render them in a new and interesting way.
Fourth, play around with different kinds of backgrounds. The best artistic photographers are able to take everyday subjects and make them beautiful by using artistic backgrounds. It really sets an artist apart when they can render something that the audience sees and uses everyday in an artistic way.
Lastly, be creative with colors. What nearly all artistic photographers have in common is that the colors in their photos pop. Astonish your audience with bright highly contrasting colors.
If snapping photos yourself isn’t for you, or if the event that you want to capture is just extra special, I’d suggest hiring a professional photographer. Beyond being assured that you will get the best photography possibly, professional photographers can help you come up with unique poses and help to make your event extra memorable.
Good luck taking beautiful photos!
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