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Three Awesome Summer Time Ideas For Custom Shirts

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You know the summer always brings it–that wild and reckless breeze. The days are getting longer and sunnier; the flowers are in full bloom; and almost everyone is back home from college. Time to swap stories about legendary parties and heroic feats of last minute scholarship.

As memorable and amazing as your past semesters have been, now is the time to outdo yourselves. Summer isn’t all about saving up money for school–it’s about having fun, too. After all, this might be your last June, July, and August before you have to face reality, grow up, and be a responsible adult (or at least pretend to be).

Make this summer so prodigious that you wind up going back to college with a slew of customized shirts. Here are a few awesome ideas for events that warrant the making of custom printed jerseys.

Beer Olympics.

There is no one official way to hold a beer olympics. However, there are a few things that most have in common. First of all, everyone needs custom team shirts. It doesn’t matter whether participants do the shirts themselves or they have a custom screen printing company whip up some professional custom printed jerseys, just so long as the teams are clearly divided. Secondly, there should be at least four teams of at least three people. Thirdly, there should be four events, which are all drinking games of course. It doesn’t really matter which ones. Some of the most popular are Beirut (Beer Pong), Flip Cup, Dizzy Bats, Quarters, Civil War, and more.


Why not get a dozen people together and have a friendly kickball game? It’s an awesome summer time activity and a great way to stay active. If you make a regular thing, you could even design some custom printed jerseys with your team name and made up logo. How cool would it be to have custom printed jerseys for the likes of the “Victorious Secret” or the “Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies.”

Inside Jokes.

Some people get tattoos of their inside jokes, and others make custom printed jerseys with them. While the joke might seem strange to outsiders, you know that putting that jersey on will start your day off right. Whether it’s just a reference to a funny story you have, or a phrase you and your friends find yourselves saying, hire a shirt printing service to make some sweet custom printed jerseys with it.

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