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Protective Gear For Construction Workers

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Construction workers have a busy life. Compared to the average person, who might walk up to 10,000 steps a day, the average construction worker can walk upwards of 30,000 steps. The job requires a great deal of physical activity, ensuring that workers are always on the move, taking care of one project after another, all in a timely fashion. Yet, trying to meet all of these timelines and requirements can sometimes cause people to be a bit reckless. And reckless is the last quality trait you want on a construction site.

In 2015, nearly 5,000 workers were killed while on the job. Similarly, yet less seriously, workers, aged 16 to 19, missed an average of 4 days of work in 2014, all due to injury. The negligence of others can lead to serious accidents, and it’s a complete and utter shame. Workers should be protected in every way possible while on the job site. To allow a worker to get harmed is on the company, since protections should be regulated and regularly taken care of.

One such way that construction companies can ensure their workers’ safety is to provide their workers with safety clothing options. Safety workwear — the type of clothing that protects workers from dangerous elements and makes them visible to others, is a surefire way to provide workers with an immediate barrier of safety.

Some of the best safety clothing options you can provide construction workers are ones that will protect their valuables (particularly their heads), gear to protect their ears, and visibility gear.While the head feels like a hard object to the human hand, it is awfully soft when coming in contact with large falling objects, and hardhats can help lessen the blow; serious ear damage can be brought about by sounds of over 85 decibels and earplugs can reduce noise by nearly 15-30 decibels; visibility is important on any job site, day or night, to ensure that workers are seen by people working with dangerous tools and heavy machinery.

Here are some specific forms of safety clothing options available for your company and workers:

  • High visibility (hi vis) jacket
  • Hi vis Rain gear
  • Hi vis button up shirts
  • Hi vis cargo pants
  • Hi vis hoodie
  • Hi vis waistcoats
  • Hi vis pants
  • Hi vis work shirts
  • Orange safety vest

As a company, your goal is to ensure that jobs are properly taken care of, both effectively and safely. To go outside the methods of safety, and to go without job site safety clothing options, is a serious error, one that can lead to serious injury and death of workers and pedestrians. Not only are you looking towards serious repercussions, but you are similarly looking at serious lawsuits if anything were to ever happen.

Take the time to take care of your company and its employees, guaranteeing that the workplace is safe, effective, and lawful. Take care of those that are providing for your company and it will go a long way.
By utilizing the various safety clothing options, you are taking the step to show that you care about your employees.

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