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3 Ways Your Can Contribute to Military Charity Foundations

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When military members bade farewell to their spouses and children, perhaps that could be the last time they’ll get to see each other again. The nature of their duty call puts them at risk of anything and in most cases, it leaves the family with a lot of uncertainties, having to worry about their loved ones.

Other than the fear of the unknown, military families suffer many challenges, particularly those who’ve just shifted to a new location. Transitioning to new surroundings and having to blend in with other neighbours often seem like a difficult affair. Overwhelming responsibilities and financial concerns are also some of the other challenges military families have to deal with. But as individual, family or congregation, there’re ways you can show military support.

1.Basic household help
While there are a lot of simple ways to extend your military support, helping military families with their minor inconveniences is a great way to show appreciation and kindness. Ways you can help out include cooking, driving children to school, gardening, fixing leaky sinks, flat tires among other household chores. Such help will go a long way alleviating stressful life demands and makes them feel loved.

Donations for military families could come in various forms. And while there various charitable organizations that help the needy in the society, you could make your donation more personal by identifying a needy military family.

It’s estimated that about 95.4% of Americans participate at some level of charitable donations. Some of the donations you can make include clothing donations, food, books, toys, furniture, paying utility bills or even make a cash donation. However, to ensure you military support has an impact, identify the exact needs a family has to make a helpful donation. It won’t be of much help if you donate furniture and what they need at that particular moment is food.

Another form of military support could be items like gift vouchers, coupons or promo codes, which could help the families buy or get discounts when shopping. Whatever donations you make, it should be from the heart.

3.Sharing is caring
There is no better way to express love and show kindness to military families than taking a few minutes from your busy schedule to spend time with them. You could invite them to dinner at your house or instead visit them and offer to cook and share a meal together. This allows you interact, learn and get to hear more about their lives. Other than sharing a meal, you can also invite them to catch a play or watch a movie. Or, you can arrange a family day out and enjoy the outdoors on a good weekend.

These are just some of the simple ways you can help military members and their families. Your service and donations will help them live a decent life and make them feel appreciated within the society.

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