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The #1 Item Retail Buyers Are Stocking Up On In 2015?

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While high fashion designers showed off their 2015 fall collections at New York City Fashion Week, those in the know went to Las Vegas for the fashion and retail world’s largest trade show, Magic Market Week. This year’s conference saw more than 80,000 attendees, and featured an entire new section showing off yoga, Pilates, activewear, and athleisure apparel.

While apparel sales rose just 2% in 2014, activewear clothes sales jumped 10% to more than $33 billion. That’s because yoga clothes and leggings aren’t just being worn to the gym anymore. In 2015, only one in ten women says she uses her activewear just for exercise. Eight out of ten women also wear athleisure clothes at home, and six out of ten wear their workout gear to run errands and shop as well.

So this summer, more women are looking for athleisure clothing that won’t look like a laundry day outfit outside of the yoga studio.

Can I buy US made leggings?

Yes. If buying certified fair-trade or US made leggings and activewear is a priority for you, a number of boutique companies provide domestic athleisure clothing.

Who else designs fashionable activewear?

Celebrities and fashion designers are cluing into the trend this year, with big names like Beyonce, Kanye West, and Cynthia Rowley getting in the activewear game. And brands like Adidas and Topshop recently unveiled new activewear collections, too.

What should I look for in athletic apparel for women?

Surveys show that seven out of ten women are looking for athletic apparel and accessories for women that fits their bodies just right, while 69% also look for gym or yoga clothes with superior moisture absorption. In addition, 64% of women say they would pay more for activewear that comes in the same styles as regular clothing.

The vast majority of women (87%) have at least some cotton workout clothes in their closets, usually because they’re more comfortable.

“Comfort can elongate a trend that otherwise would have been gone,” said Chris Griffin, a buyer with WWDMAGIC. “We just reflect the market, and [activewear brands] are looking to create things that are fashionable that can extend throughout the day.” For more information, read this website.

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