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Three Weird Camo Things You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Baby camo clothes

Unless you live under a rock, you’re likely to have noticed the increased popularity of camouflage clothing for men and women. Nowadays, it seems just about everyone — and their mother — is going camo clad. However, camouflage clothes have expanded far beyond their original military roots, and have grown to become representative of an entire lifestyle.

The mainstream popularity of camouflage clothing has given way to all manners of camo odds and ends, some odder than others. Here are just a few examples of camouflage things that are actually things.

Camo baby bedding

Yes, even infants are hopping aboard the camo band wagon. Aside from camo baby bedding, America’s love affair with camo has inspired camouflage bedding for adults, camo home decorations, and various other camouflage nicks and nacks for the home. As far as camo baby bedding goes, it’s just plain adorable.

Camouflage wedding cake

Some people just love camouflage so much that they want to incorporate it into their special day. Camouflage wedding cakes, in addition entire camouflage themed weddings, have become especially popular in recent years. As the popularity of camouflage continues to soar, it has grown to represent much more than a fashion trend. For some, camouflage clothing represents their love a simple, country lifestyle that involves a love of the outdoors, and a wedding is the perfect opportunity to showcase that love.

Camouflage lingerie

First comes camo love, then comes camo marriage, and naturally, camouflage lingerie is right behind. The advent of camouflage lingerie and bedroom wear seems natural, considering the current — and rising — popularity of camouflage today. While camouflage lingerie isn’t designed to conceal much of anything, it’s a fun, unique way to add a little space to the bedroom.

As for the future of camouflage, it seems this fashion trend shows signs of slowing down or ever going out of style.

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