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Three Pieces of Protective Equipment to Stock in Your Salon

The world of professional salons is a vast one; there are all kinds of beauty treatments that customers can schedule for themselves in a salon, ranging from simple manicures to more complicated eyebrow shading. Whatever the service your salon is performing, keeping the right protective equipment on hand is vital to the salon’s success and the safety of your employees.

There are a few pieces of equipment that you should ensure are always on hand, ranging from obvious ones to some that aren’t so obvious. The safety of your employees is a top-priority, and by protecting your employees’ health, you allow your customers to reap the benefits of a safe, healthy work environment. Let’s review three pieces of equipment you should always have on hand.

Latex-Free Gloves

Gloves may seem like an obvious thing to include on this list, but they’re obvious for a reason. Stocking latex-free gloves protects your employees from potential exposure to blood and chemicals, and also keeps your customers safe and clean from any dirty salon hands. Every body is different, and for some facial treatments, a little bit of blood is a distinct possibility. Your employees are also likely to be working with chemicals, from bleach to chemicals used in color correction techniques to cleaning agents, and by keeping their hands clean and covered, they aren’t risking themselves to side effects from these chemicals. Just make sure the gloves are latex-free, and have a few alternative material gloves on hand. Allergies are all too common, and it’s better to be prepared then not.

Face Masks

It’s not necessary for your employees to cover their entire faces with a mask, but having a hospital mask that covers their mouths and noses can help when they are faced with chemical fumes or working closely in a situation where exposure to blood or fluids is possible. Microblading training typically prepares employees for the techniques involved and some of the potential areas for error, but mishaps can happen, and without protective equipment, your employee may have gotten a face full of something they didn’t bargain for.

Protective Glasses

Like a face mask, glasses aren’t necessarily something that will be used on the daily in your salon, but having a few pairs on hand is better than having none. Microblading equipment is made to be safe, but employees are still at risk of being exposed to blood or plasma. To prevent any blood or plasma exposure, wearing protective glasses goes a long way. It may feel a little foolish, but it’s much better to be safe behind protective equipment than to unnecessarily expose oneself to blood or plasma.

Well-trained employees typically have a solid working knowledge of how to perform the delicate microblading, microshading, microneedling, and other beauty treatments without putting themselves at risk, but any situation in which one person may be potentially exposed to blood or plasma calls for protective equipment. Ensure your employees have adequate access to these three items discussed above so that they can feel safe and secure as they perform their jobs.

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