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Understanding the Parts of Electronic Cigarettes and Vaporizers

E juice

Vaping, or using an electronic cigarette, is the latest trend in smoking cessation — and it’s even catching on with non-smokers, too. People who “vape” use electronic cigarettes or sometimes more complicated devices known as vaporizers. Many who are new to vaping may not understand exactly how these devices work, though.

Here’s a breakdown of the structure of these types of rechargeable electronic cigarettes, so you’ll know just what you’re getting when you begin vaping:


The mouthpiece on the e cigarette can vary depending on the type of model. Some mouthpieces are already attached to the e cig. Others can be replaced. In general, they should be made from a sterile, easy to clean material, like silicone.

E liquid

While e liquid, sometimes called e juice, doesn’t always come ready to use in an e cig, it is an important component of the device. E liquids contain flavoring and help to produce the vapor, and they come in hundreds of varieties. Many e cig users like to mix their own e liquids or come up with their own blends, but with flavors ranging from fruit and mint to chocolate and coffee available on the market, there’s something for all users. In addition to flavoring, most e liquids are also made with propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin in order to produce vapor and carry the flavor. They may or may not contain nicotine depending on user preference.

Cartomizers, Cartridges, and Vaporizers/Atomizers

Many of these names are often used interchangeably to describe the part of the vaporizer that holds the e liquid, which is the flavored substance that turns into vapor, and the vaporizer or atomizer, which turns to the liquid into a smoke-like vapor. Cartomizers are combination vaping cartridges and atomizers, so they both hold and heat the liquid. These are sometimes preferred by users because they can produce more vapor faster.


Vaping batteries are responsible for powering these devices. In rechargeable models, they can be plugged into a wall charger or USB port, generally for a few hours, and they will be ready to use again and again. Most vaping batteries can typically hold a charge of up to several hours, so your e cig won’t run out of life when you need it. The ends of vaping batteries typically contains a pass-through, which allows the vapor to escape the end.

Have more questions about how e cigs and vaporizers work? Find a trusted vendor of these products and see what kind of information they can offer you on their devices. You can also leave a comment below for more suggestions.

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