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The Guide to Getting the Right Ring

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I’m sure you’ve heard that diamonds are a girls best friend. What you might now know is that the style of ring you set that diamond in makes a huge difference. Engagement rings, promise rings and wedding rings alike are meant to last forever, so arming yourself with tools to make the right decision is imperative. Check out the guidelines you’ll want to know below.
Get your price right.
If you spend too little on an engagement ring, she could be disappointed. If you spend too much, you may not be able to take her out to dinner for months. The average person in the United States spends around $5400 on engagement rings. One indicator of what you should spend is your income. Many suggest that an engagement ring should be equivalent to three months of income. Diamond rings come in all assortments: from a platinum and onyx ring to an art deco antique engagement rings. If you research appropriately, you can certainly find something to match your budget.
Keep the goodness coming.
Points can certainly be earned for creativity. Imagine this: you go affordable platinum for the ring so that you can afford to buy her a nice emerald bracelet or affordable platinum and onyx ring necklace six months later. Most engagements last nearly 15 months and it’s important to keep things thoughtful during the engagement. Even a nice set of colored diamond earrings will do the trick. This let’s her know that you are thinking of her and not just typical wedding tradition.
Build a relationship with your jeweler.
There are more than 60,000 jewelry stores in the United States and 172,000 people employed by the industry. Think of your jeweler as a person who helps you invest. If you build a relationship with a jeweler, they can help identify the perfect pieces for your wife, life and budget.
Jewelry and engagement rings are an important statement for your significant other so think it through and get it right!

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