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What’s The Difference Between Average Facial Hair And A Dapper Beard?

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We take our grooming habits seriously. If we don’t we could lose out on a hot date or miss out on a job offer! When it comes to your own it stands to reason there are some improvements you could make to ensure 2018 is your most dapper year yet. It could mean shelling out a little extra money for a nice jacket. It could be something as elaborate as a trip to the spa to invest in a facial. A nice beard has never truly gone out of fashion and one of the best ways to ensure you always look your best (yes, even when taking the dog out for a walk in your pajamas) is to invest in products that treat you right.

Here are but a few ways you can spruce up your appearance and keep your best foot forward.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Give your closet a shakedown this year to make sure you’re not an echo of the times. Men’s fashion doesn’t have to be nothing but an endless stream of t-shirts and jeans, no matter what that lazy voice in your head keeps telling you! For those that want to try something new while still staying in their comfort zone you could always try dipping into colorful skinny jeans or patterned shoes. These give your outfit a little pop without you doing too much work. For those that want to go the extra mile, aim for patterned button-up tops or casual sweaters to mix and match at will.

Got Hair? You Better Care!

If you’re bald you share the simple task of keeping your scalp protected from sunburn. A full head of hair offers the trade-off of protection from the sun…and a lot of grooming to take into account! Investing in a trim or some new hair cream this year could completely overhaul your entire look. A recent study found the size of the global men’s grooming market hitting a staggering $20 billion back in 2017, a surefire sign that looking good is yet to go out of style. As of today the largest male grooming market is in western Europe, though the global market should hit a compound annual growth of 5%.

There’s Scruffy…And Then There’s Being A Caveman

Ever heard of a beard oil kit? You’ll be wondering what you ever did without it. Just like a full head of luxurious hair, your beard requires some steady upkeep if it’s to look old-fashioned and not…old. Beard oil can give your face a little bit of gloss and keep each strand looking luxurious, ideal for those that like to style their facial hair beyond the simple wash-and-go. The hair care industry is expected to reach an unprecedented $90 billion by the time 2019 rolls around, so get on the ball and get on it quick. Beard oils and related accessories are here to stay.

Get Some Clout, Then Buff It Out

How often do you exfoliate your skin? If your answer is an uncommitted, “Eh…”, then it’s time to pick up a few good habits. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and susceptible to all sorts of nastiness. Exfoliating sloughs off excess dead skin and clears the way for new, fresh skin to grow. It reduces your rate of getting acne, soothes the onset of psoriasis and leaves you looking smooth as a baby’s bottom. Removing dead skin does leave you more sensitive, though, so remember to protect your skin from the sun with a breathable sunscreen!

It’s All In The Grooming

When you put forth extra effort into your appearance you extend an invisible hand to everyone that crosses you on the street, setting a positive first impression and encouraging nothing but good vibes wherever you go. Men’s shaving products are going to account for 30% of global sales by the time 2020 arrives on our doorstep, so why fall behind? Try a little scented beard oil if you’re thinking of growing yours out or give a daily exfoliation routine a try. When it comes down to it, it’s not the beard care that makes the man.

…but it sure doesn’t hurt!

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