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3 Unique Ideas for Custom Photo Beach Towels

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Whether you live right on the coast or right by the lakeshore, everyone loves a beach day! After all, what’s better than surf, sand, and good vibes? And no beach day is complete without sunscreen, sun glasses, and large beach towels for drying off and soaking up some killer rays.

But if you’re ready to upgrade your beach day, consider taking having a few custom photo beach towels made. Although there are several different types of photo beach towels, nothing beats one with a custom photo. Custom made beach towels are a fun way to get the most out of beach day and have some laughs along the way.

Here are a few unique ideas for custom photo beach towels:

Awkward family photo

Do you have an awkward family photo from the 80s, 90s, or better yet, even earlier? You know, the tacky kind with wide shoulder pads, big hair, and lasers in the background? As bad as these photos might seem, they’re perfect for custom photo beach towels. Family photo on beach towels are a great way to pay tribute to the awkwardness of your family while also celebrating its awesomeness.

Silly sweethearts

Every couple has that one silly photo that perfectly captures their personality. These special photos make a great backdrop for photo beach towels, and make great anniversary or birthday gifts for couples. Why not surprise your spouse or significant other with custom photo beach towels that capture your silliest, most loving moments? There’s no better way to bring a little extra playfulness to the beach!

Pet perks

One of the greatest perks of having a pet is being able to show off how cute they are. In addition to social media posts, custom photo beach towels are a great way to show the world how adorable your pet is! This can be especially adorable for exotic pets such as reptiles, mini horses, and other uncommon pets. Adding filters or special effects ? like lasers ? can be a fun way to enhance pet photos for beach towels. Not only will your pet appreciate being the face of your beach towel, but you’ll win major brownie points with the beach crowd.

Custom beach towels with personal photos are just another way to make beach day more fun. A funny picture on a beach towel says more than a thousand words!

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