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When to Get a Flower Arrangement for Special Occassions

Flowers play an important role in people’s lives. Over 90% of women can remember the last time they got flowers, and what the special occasion was for. It makes sense that you would remember the special times with flower arrangements and celebrate with those you love. But what times in one’s life call for flowers? Learn more about when to spring for flowers and what type of flower arrangement to get for your loved one depending on what you’re celebrating or remembering.

flowers Are an Important Part of Any Wedding

Flowers can be given as a wedding gift. Although couples will contact a wedding florist to help them arrange their bouquets, you can still send them something special that signifies their love. You can even choose a floral arrangement that includes a potted plant if you’d like them to have something they can plant in their first home. Weddings are an important part of life and a symbol of two people coming together. Since over 97% of people say they feel loved and special when they get flowers, this is just the right thing to get for a couple that you care about.

For Someone That Lost a Loved One

If you know someone that lost a friend or family member who was dear to them, giving them flowers is a wonderful way to show you care. While funeral flowers are common and you can send those to a funeral home, giving flowers to the surviving family members is a nice and thoughtful way to show you understand and care. Over 80% of people say they enjoy receiving flowers as a surprise, so this can be a thoughtful way to cheer them up during a dark time.

Give a Flower Arrangement for a Birthday

If there’s someone in your life who has everything and you don’t know what to get them, a flower arrangement is always acceptable. You can choose the flowers you think they would enjoy or just something that is bright and colorful. Depending on the season, you might choose flowers that are in season or popular for the time period, such as red roses during the winter. Flowers that are colorful and unexpected can make the person getting them feel spoiled and special on their birthday.

If you don’t know when to get flowers for someone you love, just remember these three special occasions. Giving them as a wedding gift can make a nice touch for young couples if you’re feeling unsure about what to give them. For those who have just lost a friend or family member, this is a great way to show them you’re thinking of them and you care. Finally, everyone loves feeling spoiled on their birthday, and you can accomplish just that with a flower bouquet. Flowers are the perfect gift for someone who has everything and you’ll know they’ll always be appreciated.

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