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How To Sleep Well

The sleep you get is important, for everyone from newborn babies, who sleep up to eighteen hours a day, to adult people, who should be sleeping anywhere from seven hours to nine hours each and every night. But there’s more to getting a good night of sleep than many people realize – and far too few people are getting the quality of sleep that they so very much need. For instance, the pajamas that you wear matter greatly. White cotton pajamas can provide a great deal of comfort, as white cotton pajamas will let the skin breathe and will not feel stuffy. Alone with white cotton pajamas, a white cotton nightgown can provide free range of movement for women and girls as they sleep. But it’s not just the white cotton pajamas and the white cotton nightgowns that matter, it’s the sheets that you sleep on too.

Sheets can be expensive and the nicer that they are the more expensive they will be. With so many other expenses in life, it can be very easy to pass the nice sheets by in favor of cheaper and lower quality ones. After all, how much do your sheets really matter? But just as in the case of the white cotton pajamas and other such cotton pajamas, the quality of your sheets matters more than most people would think. But even if you cannot afford high quality sheets with a high thread count, it is important to keep your sheets clean and fresh, along with your pillows, blankets, and pillowcases. In fact, the data that been gathered on this subject backs this claim up, showing that as much as seventy five percent of the population of the United States finds that they sleep better if they go to sleep in a fresh smelling bed. While you can artificially create a fresh scent with air fresheners and sachets, the best quality of sleep will come in a clean bed with clean sheets that smell naturally fresh as a result of their cleanliness. And while embroidered pillows can certainly add a nice accent to your bed, they are unlikely to provide a particularly comfortable night’s sleep and should be moved to the side when the bed is in use. They can always be placed back on the bed in the morning, when the bed is made up fresh again. But, like every other aspect of your bed, these pillows and pillow cases should still be washed regularly to keep them fresh and looking nice, as well as clean.

Aside from the cleanliness of your bed, you should practice good sleep hygiene whenever it is possible. Even though technology has become ever present in our world, from smart phones to televisions to tablets and laptop computers, it is highly recommended that your electronic devices, no matter what they are, stay as far away from your bed as possible, particularly around the time of night at which you wish to go to sleep. Not using electronics before bed is especially crucial, as the blue light screen of your electronic devices can actually hamper the natural production of melatonin in your body, something that can have drastic consequences on your quality of sleep and should be avoided at all costs, whenever it is possible. If you are someone that struggles to get a good night of sleep, you should also avoid doing any work in your bed, as this has been found to make it more difficult to sleep in it later on, since your brain associates it with being awake and working. In fact, it is recommended by doctors that the only thing you do in your bed is sleep, and that everything else should be done in other parts of your home.

From white cotton pajamas and cotton nightgowns to having the right sheets and keeping them clean to practicing good sleep hygiene, there are so many things that go into getting a good night of sleep on a regular basis. However, it is well worth it to take the time and the effort to make good sleeping on a regular basis your reality. Here in America, there are so many things that prevent good sleep, but you can combat them.

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