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Why Every School Needs Spirit Clothing

When it comes to keeping up with school spirit, it’s easy to underestimate the benefits behind school spirit clothing. Some schools might think this is optional or not necessary in order to ensure success in fundraising or any other types of school functions. The truth is that school spirit clothing has its place, including being used for a school fundraiser, homecoming week, and other situations. Learn more about the benefits of making it easily available to students and their families.

Spirit Items Can be Customized

Not everything needs to look the same when it comes to spirit clothing. It’s possible to have school pride clothing that is simple and just uses basic colors. Other types of apparel can be used for an event, such as fundraising t shirts in school colors. Over 70% of sales for school fundraisers are made by students and their families, so it’s helpful to give them something to wear when raising money for an event or occasion. Having a walking advertisement for a specific occasion can go a long way when it comes to raising money.

Students Appreciate Showing Off Their School

Consider the fact that over 2 billion t shirts are sold every year. It stands to reason that your school should have something to contribute to this number. School spirit shirts are popular to wear to school and would be considered appropriate, so students would never need to worry about getting sent home. They provide something more fun than uniforms, allowing students to express who they are, without worrying about how they look. Spirit clothing provides a helpful alternative to navigating a dress code without worrying about how the students look. Over 30% of students who get involved in activities do so because they want to show off their school spirit.

Spirit Wear Can Span Generations

Spirit wear doesn’t need to be restricted to current students at the school. If there are several generations within a family who went to the same school, it’s possible to have spirit wear to accommodate parents and others in the family too. This can be a nice way to bring people together, and help show support for the school in everything they do. From fundraising to football games, spirit wear allows everyone to join in on the celebration.

School spirit clothing has several different purposes that can be used no matter what a school does. From making custom t shirts in school colors for a fundraiser to creating clothing that can be appreciated by more than one generation, there’s plenty of reasons to have custom shirts and items created. Consider this a chance for students and their families to celebrate the school and everything it has to offer, including a growing awareness that can help raise money in the future and ensure the school is well-supported for many years to come in the future.

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