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How to choose the right tattoo

The world has become filled with people covered in tattoos and piercings. Many of these people choose to get tattoos as an art statement, a memorial, or just a fun way to express themselves. So why are tattoos growing in popularity and what do they mean?

It is always a good idea to think before you ink. You never want to put someones name on you if you have only been seeing each other for a couple weeks. Love and lust are two totally different feelings and sadly your tattoo may last a lot longer than your relationship. So when is it a good idea to get a name put on you? You can never go wrong with a mom or dad or family member that has passed away. These people will always be a part of your life and won’t leave you for the next door neighbour. You can suffer from severe tattoo regret if you get sucked into a name tat of a lover that left you or cheated on you. So think about the long term and ensure the persons name will last a lifetime because that tattoo will.

Take a look at the artists background and track record before you get under the needle. There are some amazing self taught tattoo artists out there and a lot of artists that clearly have no idea what they are doing. There are art colleges for tattooing that a number of shop owners have gone to to become the best in the business and they hold certificates to prove it. Not all amazing artists go to these art colleges for tattooing and are still absolutely amazing so just do your research before hand and you will be just fine.

Do certain tattoos have meanings and why should this concern you? There are a number of beautiful tattoo designs that actually have meanings you may want to be aware of before placing them on your body. Obviously you are going to want to look into the meanings of asian writing before slapping it on your body, the same goes for celtic designs, crosses, certain flowers and more. Where you may see a simply gorgeous tattoo some people may know the true meaning and have something to say about it. You can always choose to not care about the meaning or do your research before hand, either way just know there are meanings for certain designs.

There are around 21,000 tattoo parlours in the US and this number is steadily growing as people get into the art of tattooing. There are more courses being offered at art colleges for tattooing and more apprentices gaining an interest in tattoos.

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