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3 Popular Types of Danner Police Boots

Throughout the United States, law enforcement professionals work to make their country a safer place. In fact, research from 2017 found that there were 662,390 police and sheriff’s patrol officers working throughout the United States. For these professionals to complete their work, it’s important that they wear the right type of apparel. Considering that, you’ll want to consider having your officers wear Danner police boots. With that in mind, here are the features of three types of police boots made by the Danner company.

  • Scorch

    Police officers work in all types of weather conditions. Considering that, law enforcement professionals often find themselves dealing with hot summer days. If you’re wanting your officers to stay cool in hot temperatures, consider purchasing Danner Scorch boots. These boots feature lightweight mesh panels which work well to repel heat. Best of all, these boots are light which allows officers to move at a rapid pace. In addition, Danner scorch boots also feature an outsole that is slip resistant. These boots also feature speed laces, allowing officers to make fast footwear adjustments.
  • Stalwart

    There’s no doubting that police officers spend large amounts of their respective workdays walking. With that in mind, it’s important for officers to wear lightweight boots. If you want to avoid waiting for officers to break in footwear, consider purchasing Danner Stalwart boots. These boots feature plush footbeds, allowing them to feel worn in from the first day they’re worn. In addition, this type of Danner police boots features a wider fit. This enables police officer’s feet to have more breathing room.
  • Striker

    Danner police boots are known for their quality. However, this company knows that even the best types of boots need occasional design updates. Therefore, you’ll be glad to know that this company has worked hard to create Danner Striker boots. By making changes to the Danner Terra Force platform, this company was able to trim away excess footwear material. In turn, this means that Danner Striker boots provide immense comfort. These boots feature an outer sole designed to give officers traction while they perform essential job duties. In addition, Danner Striker boots feature an exclusive Gore Tex waterproof design which ensures officer’s feet remain dry.

To summarize, there are several popular types of Danner police boots on the market. This company leads the way in making tactical footwear for police officers throughout the world. You’ll find that this company produces several popular types of footwear. Whether working in hot or cold conditions, Danner helps ensure that officers are able to perform their jobs in a satisfactory manner. If you want your officers to stay safe while working, consider outfitting them in Danner police boots.

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