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3 Simple Ways to Make Your Sew in Hair Extensions Last Longer

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So you just walked out of the hair salon with a brand new set of gorgeous hair extensions — and you’re not alone. Millions of women just like you are lengthening their locks every year, and the number of salons offering these extensions has risen an amazing 28.5% in the last two years.

But because hair extensions are technically strands of dead hair with no root, they’re much more delicate and prone to damage than your natural locks. As a result, failing to care for your extensions properly will have you replacing them too early.

Making sure your sew weave hairstyles stay as beautiful as they looked when you first walked out of the salon doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are the three best ways you can instantly extend the life of your new weave or extensions:

Take care of your extensions

Your everyday hair care routine should be altered to accommodate your new extensions. Try to only wash your hair when absolutely necessary — much like washing a good pair of jeans too many times will wear them out, washing your extensions every day will shorten their lifespan significantly. Because hair extensions don’t get the oil secretions that your natural hair gets from your scalp, they don’t need to be washed as often.

Condition, condition, condition

Using the right conditioning treatment is another crucial part of hair extension care. You should always be using professional-quality products; your stylist will likely be able to give you some good recommendations. Before conditioning, be sure to gently comb out any tangles with a wide-tooth comb. Never tug or twist your extensions!

Style with caution

Walk into any hair salon store, and the stylists will likely tell you the same thing: stay away from heated styling tools as much as possible. Whether your vice is the flat iron or the curling iron, both are equally damaging to your hair — and are especially harmful to your sew in hair extensions. You should also try and blow-dry your hair as little as possible to minimize damage to your new locks.

Have any other secret tips for helping sew in hair extensions last longer? Want to know where to find the top-quality hair salon in your area? Share with us and ask any questions you may have by leaving a comment.

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