6 Elements to a Great Event Planner

Whether you are having a giant Christmas party at the office, or are planning your special wedding day, you definitely want a reliable event planner on your side. Between inviting people, organizing entertainment, and preparing food, it is clearly way too much for one, or even a small group, of people to do. An event planner can be with you every step of the way, staying in contact with all of the caterers and venue organizers so that you can focus on making the event as fun as it can be.

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In this video, we will look at the six essential elements to make the perfect event planner.

First of all, you need a party planner that is friendly. A smile goes a long way, and if your planner has an upbeat attitude, your party is sure to be upbeat as well. An event planner should also be a good listener and be conscious of your event’s budget. They should also be extremely organized, keeping all important charges and details in easily accessible spreadsheets. They need to be able to keep calm under pressure, since large events can prove hectic. Finally, they need to always strive to keep learning in their industry.


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