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Avon Representatives and Beauty Supply Stores

Avon atlanta

Avon is the fifth largest beauty supply company in the world, with yearly sales of almost eleven billion. Since the 1900s, Avon has been offering women economic independence while allowing them to devote time to their families. More than six million active Avon representatives operate around the world, selling perfume, jewelry, and makeup products to their clients. Avon’s first representative was a Mrs. Albee of New Hampshire, who began selling perfumes for the company in 1886, and their first print ads were published in Good Housekeeping in 1905.

There are a number of Avon representatives whose clients are beauty supply stores in Georgia and elsewhere. Beauty supply stores in decatur ga can be supplied by Avon atlanta representatives, along with a number of other brands and products. The beauty supply stores in Georgia maintain a full inventory of ethnic and general haircare products, and Avon representatives can help such enterprises organize and choose the products that will most appeal to their customers.

Beauty supply stores in Georgia and elsewhere are also good outlets for Avon representatives to advertise and build their own clientele. Many Avon representatives will create business cards to distribute to friends and relatives or leave at a beauty supply store with the owner or manager’s permission. Some also place labels on Avon magazines so that, if something catches a woman’s eye, she can call the representative without needing an introduction. However, beauty supply stores in Georgia are not the only place that Avon representatives do this. You can see their business cards on bulletin boards in community centers, at local banks, and other places of business in and near Decatur. Avon continues to be a driving force in the industry, and your business helps women to become economically empowered and family oriented.

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