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Botox Treatments What You Need to Know

People spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars to keep their skin looking and feeling as young and beautiful as possible. A common treatment for reducing the number and severity of find lines and wrinkles on the face is Botox. If you have questions about Botox injection services or cosmetic dermatology services, a cosmetic surgeon can help address your concerns.

It is important to have several consultation appointments before and after Botox treatment to ensure you know what to expect and what all will be involved in the treatment. You can also shop around online for local providers and clinics that offer special rates. Simply searching for something along the lines of- where are the best deals on Botox near me – can give you a great starting point.

The most important thing to remember when dealing with Botox and other injectables is to always work with a licensed professional who is trained and legally allowed to do injections and treatments. Saving money is great but don’t put your health and safety at risk by going to some place shady just because they offer the lowest rate. You definitely will get what you pay for with Botox treatments!

Botox under eyes

Have you ever been curious about Botox treatments? They actually aren’t as scary as they seem, and most of the horror stories you hear of are very few and far between. In 2012, Americans spent an estimated $14.6 million on cosmetic surgery procedures, most of which were Botox procedures.

Botox Treatments Overview: Botox comes from the Botulinum toxin, which has been used in the medical world for more than 50 years for various purposes. The Botox industry generates an estimated $1.3 billion every year, mostly because it is non-invasive and reasonably priced. Botox and fillers were originally used for “lazy eye” and neck issues. Back in 2002, the American Health Administration approved it for cosmetic procedures.

Botox cosmetics are used to treat forehead wrinkles, crows feet, and frown lines, which will give the appearance of a more relaxed look. You may be wondering: “Is botox safe?” Yes! Botox does not actually paralyze the facial muscles, unless given in large doses. Botox clinics with trained professionals will inject the correct amount of botox in order to minimize movements that create the wrinkles in the first place. You will still be able to express yourself.

Getting Ready: Botox’s original form is a crystalline substance, which your cosmetic doctor will then dilute in order for it to be injected. Depending on the doctor, there will probably be a different amount of saline solution mixed with the Botox.

The Procedure: The average length of the procedure is around 30 minutes. You will be placed on an exam table and the target areas will be cleaned. If you are receiving multiple injections, you may have a topical anesthetic. Botox treatments will usually include four or five areas on each side of the forehead. Botox under eyes will be two to three injection areas.

Results: The average age of a Botox patient is between 40 and 59, and each person will see results at various times after their procedure. However, results will usually be seen within three to 10 days. It is encouraged that patients take a picture of their face before and after the procedure in order to see a difference in appearance.

Keep In Mind: Botox does not completely erase lines and creases, but relaxes them. As a result, people will need to keep returning for repeat injections if they wish to keep the appearance. Fillers may be needed to fill in the lines that have relaxed, which will make the face seem firmer and, as a result, younger.

Talk to your physician today about the benefits of botox treatments and how to find the right clinic for you. Research more like this.

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