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How to Care for Your Fine Leather Goods

Leather is a delicate material and should be cared for as such. Fine leather goods, if treated right, can last a long time so here is a quick and easy guide to cleaning and caring for all types of leather products. Aging and scratches Any leather good, from satchels to leather belts and wallets all …

Leather briefcases for men Leather messenger bags Leather totes for women

Annual Pony Express Recreation Passes Through Nebraska

Similar to fine leather goods, the Pony Express was an important part of early western United States culture. Just like fine leather goods have survived to this day in the form of things like leather belts and leather briefcases for men, so too has the Pony Express. The history and tradition of the Pony Express …

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How Fine Leather Goods can Help Your Professional Career

The leather industry is both important in fashion as well as safety. In 2009, U.S. shipments of leather belts alone reached $92 million. This is an industry that is quite well. Jim Morrison’s pants, Michal Jackson’s glove, and the jackets worn by historic icons such as General Patton, James Dean and Joan Jett, have all …

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