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How to Care for Your Fine Leather Goods

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Leather is a delicate material and should be cared for as such. Fine leather goods, if treated right, can last a long time so here is a quick and easy guide to cleaning and caring for all types of leather products.

Aging and scratches

Any leather good, from satchels to leather belts and wallets all will age with time. Their porous material will come in contact with hard surfaces that will cause minor scratches that will give your item its lived in feel. But if you would prefer your bag to look as crisp as the day you bought it, then make sure to keep it away from any sharp materials, and take care when placing it on the ground.

One way to prevent your fine leather goods from attracting scratches is to coat them once a month or so with a fine layer of leather polish, or a petroleum jelly lubricant like Vaseline. This will make the item more durable, and will help protect it from wear and tear. Be advised that when you apply any kind of polish, it will change the color of your bag, so make sure to do a small patch test before.


Dirt is relatively easy to remove from your goods with a little bit of work and warm water. Just be careful not to use too much pressure when you clean, as it can remove the leather’s protective finish and leave a damaging stain.


If you are caught in the rain with one of your leather totes, don’t fret because the rain splashes will not harm the leather. If they get wet, simply wipe them with a dry cloth and allow them to dry naturally. But do not force dry them, meaning do not put them under your hair dryer, or place it on a hot radiator. Doing so can warp the leather and leave it with odd marks.

As always, if you are in a climate where it rains and snows often it is a good idea to invest in some weather proofing for your fine leather goods. After all, they were an investment and should be treated as such!

Simply follow these tips and you will be on your way to having beautiful leather goods for years to come!

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