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What You Should Know About Clothing Donations In The US,

Used clothing is something that just about every single one of us has. After all, the average person today is actually quite likely to consume more than double what someone living in this same country two decades in the past would have. This means that the average person is consuming, on average, nearly 70 new …

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Why Everyone Should Donate Their Used Clothes

There are many benefits to donating your used clothes, not least of all the fact that it can help you to declutter your space and make room to expand your wardrobe or even just embrace minimalism for awhile. And with a donation pick up likely to be in your neighborhood or otherwise close by, donating …

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How To Help Purple Heart Award Recipients

Although many of us know it is an honor to receive one, we may not know what is a Purple Heart in the military. The Purple Heart is a United States military decoration which is awarded in the name of the President to those who were wounded or killed while serving with the U.S. military, …

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