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What You Should Know About Clothing Donations In The US,

Used clothing is something that just about every single one of us has. After all, the average person today is actually quite likely to consume more than double what someone living in this same country two decades in the past would have. This means that the average person is consuming, on average, nearly 70 new …

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Donating Old Clothes to Charity

The textiles industry is one of the biggest in the entire world, as everyone needs clothing to wear for work, everyday life, special occasions, and anything else. A lot of clothes are manufactured and bought and sold every day, especially in the United States, but often, not enough older clothes are donated to charitable causes, …

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Taking A Look At The Impact Of Charitable Clothing Donations In The United States

Giving to charity is incredibly common here in the United States. Giving to charity can make you feel good and it can help the community in which you live in as well as the world at large. In fact, it’s so popular among the American people that up to nearly ninety five and a half …

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3 Tips to Follow Before Donating Items to a Charity

Many people in the United States regularly donate items to charity. In fact, 95.4% of people in the United States take part in some form of charitable giving. It’s understandable to wonder what needs to be done to ensure that your items are accepted by a charity. With that in mind, here are three tips …

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Why Giving is Good for the Soul and the Earth

We have all seen the license plates, those ones with the small purple emblem in the corner, but how many people actually know what is a purple heart in the military? There ois no denying the fact that serving ones country by joining the armed forces is one of the most brave and trying acts …

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