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Why Use eCigs? Here Are Three Reasons More People Are Turning to These Devices

Just about everyone these days knows about the dangers of smoking cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes contain substances such as tar, ammonia, and various carcinogens, all of which can lead to cancer and other deadly diseases. As an alternative to smoking, however, more people have begun vaping — or using electronic cigarettes. Why use eCigs? The answer …

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Making the New Year’s Resolution to Vape? Here’s Your Primer Before You Begin

If you want to vape, you need to have both the knowledge and materials to do so as safely as possible. Are vapes bad for your health? They can be, but they are also better than other drugs. So many people use vapes as a way to ease off of smoking tobacco or marijuana. Video …

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How are E Cigs Made? The Anatomy of the Vapor Cigarette

Are you considering quitting smoking? If so, you may have heard about electronic cigarettes and vaping. Vaping is the act of puffing on an e cig, and it is considered far safer than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, many smokers who switch to e cigs may be unsure how these devices work and what their …

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