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3 Ways Your Can Contribute to Military Charity Foundations

When military members bade farewell to their spouses and children, perhaps that could be the last time they’ll get to see each other again. The nature of their duty call puts them at risk of anything and in most cases, it leaves the family with a lot of uncertainties, having to worry about their loved …

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Gardeners Across America are Composting to Attract Bees and Butterflies to Their Backyards

There are more than 40 million gardeners across the United States, and more than half of them report that they compost their organic waste on a regular basis. The statistics are encouraging: the more we compost our food scraps and leaves, the less we contribute to landfills. Americans are more willing than ever to recycle: …

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Can Your Used Clothing Really Help Someone Else?

If you’d like to be environmentally conscious and recycle, but are not sure what can be recycled, the answer is simple: nearly everything can be recycled or reused. Of course paper, plastics and glass can be recycled – everyone knows that. But food can be composted, and used clothing and household items can be donated …

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