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Combat the Clutter, Choose the Right Desk for Your Work Space

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Did you know that 77% of people say that their productivity is negatively affected by clutter? Having the right kind of desk for your work space can drastically cut down on how messy your work space tends to get. For example, if you choose a large desk but you do not have a lot of work related accessories, that desk will quickly turn into a free surface for accumulating other stuff. It starts with your car keys, then your purse, and soon you are storing spare light bulbs and miscellany where you should be having a clear space to get work done.

To better help you decide on what kind of desk will be ideal for your sized space, and your organizational needs, here are profiles of three common desk types.

  • Mission style computer desk
  • A mission style computer desk has a very classic and simple look to it. Generally it is a one piece desk that can blend into any living area and look almost like a side table. This makes it perfect if you do not have a separate office, and instead need your desk to fit in nicely with your living room. This is one of the smallest desks that you can get, so it is ideal if all you need is a space for your computer.

  • Corner computer desks
  • These types of desks are great for small offices, because they can fit right into a corner of the room. The only downside of this is that unless you have a window in one of those two walls, you are going to be staring either into your computer at all times, or a wall. The corner desk is good if you need a space devoted to work, and you have a computer, some files, notebooks, and other accessories that need a home.

  • L shaped desks
  • L shaped desks are very indicative of power, due to their sheer size and tendency to be used in executive offices. They are good for larger offices where they can neatly divide a space, but can also potentially save room because they too can fit into a corner. These are large desks, and so if you need one area to collect work, one area for your computer, and another area to focus on reading, you can count on an L shaped desk to give you all the room you need. Sometimes, they even have filing cabinet systems built in.

You may want to accessorize your work space with a 2 drawer file cabinet. Note that using a 3 drawer file cabinet will maximize the amount of space for file storage, since the 2 drawer cabinet will take up just as much floor space anyway. If you use a mission style computer desk, which usually has little to no storage space in it, then filing cabinets may be necessary.

Whichever desk you choose, you can look for an online store that offers significant discounts on furniture by eliminating retail mark ups. Carefully consider the size of your space, and how much desk is really necessary to accomplish your work. This will help you choose a desk that naturally repels clutter, and allows you to be more productive. References:

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