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Create and Maintain that Positive Impression by Wearing Quality Menswear, Shoes, and Accessories

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Were you just hired for a management or other type of executive position? If so, do you have the right clothes, shoes, and accessories to make a good first impression?

You may be interested to know what psychology studies have revealed about how long it takes for someone to form an impression. All it takes is 7 to 17 second from the first time you meet someone. Furthermore, 55% of this opinion is based on physical appearance.

Psychology studies have also revealed that visual cues can be more powerful than audio cues. Even though you may have a pleasant or distinctive speaking voice, the way you appear may be 3 to 5 times more powerful.

Since you want to make and maintain a positive impression on colleagues and clients, in addition to wearing quality menswear, you also want to luxury Italian shoes and accessories in your wardrobe. While you may already own a pair of Italian loafers, your should also have a pair of leather Oxford shoes. As you are aware, these are both popular, classic shoes for men.

Having several pairs of exotic shoes for men can also make a difference in your wardrobe choices. In addition to exotic shoes for men made from stingray, crocodile, and python, you may also be interested in a pair of mens luxury ostrich skin boots.

When you take good care of your shoes, they will last you for quite some time. This includes rotating them at least once every other day, keeping them on wooden shoe trees, and giving them a nice polish on a regular basis. When you follow these simple guidelines, you will be able to increase the lifespan of your shoes significantly.

In addition to having a nice collection of quality shoes, you also want to have complementary accessories. These include belts, wallets, watch straps, and other types of accessories such as leather satchels or bags.

You may be interested to know that from 2009 to 2014, sales for men’s designer footwear, luxury bags, and small leather goods increased considerably. While men’s footwear experienced a 39% increase in retail sales, men’s luxury bag sales increased by 24%, and men’s small leather goods increased by 40%.

Whether you work in the clothing industry or another type of business, you want to dress for success. Since this means making and maintaining a positive impression, this can be accomplished by wearing quality menswear, luxury Italian leather shoes and accessories as well as exotic shoes for men. You may just discover that you will be setting a new bar for other staff that have their mind set on climbing that corporate ladder.

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