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Don’t Skimp on the Furniture That Tells Your Guests Who You Are

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When you were a kid growing up, there were a great many things you took for granted. The home you lived in, the car or cars your parents drove, the furniture you lounged on, all of that was something that reflected who your parents were and what kind of tastes they had. Growing up, most people never really have much of an opinion about what the furniture was like in our bedroom or in the room they watched MTV in. Now that you are grown up, things have changed.

Italian fashion design has been a leading influence on clothes, furniture, and style for several centuries. When someone mentions Italian fashion design, you might not know exactly what they are referring to, but you will most likely automatically know it is something fashionable and of high quality. Italian furnishings and fine Italian furniture offer some of the best furniture pieces around.

You might buy a house and a car and they will be the two most expensive purchases you will make in your adult life. The third most expensive purchase you will make will be the purchase of your furniture. Since you are going to be spending that much on your furnishings, why not get the most out of your money by bringing home the kind of furniture that says something about who you are.

Your friends and guests who will be coming into your home will see how you have decorated your place and will be able to see your personality. Remember your best friend’s grandmother who had plastic on her furniture? Remember how she always kept such a tight grip on her purse? When you see someone’s furniture, you see a great deal of who they are and what they are about.

You are nothing like your friend’s grandmother. You might not be a spendthrift, but you certainly are willing to spend some money to get the things that matter the most to you. Your furniture is going to be with you for some time, and if you are anything like 60% of high-end furniture buyers, you are going to be looking for something that makes you feel calm and comfortable. Your friend’s grandmother might have had one or two luxury Italian sofas, but who could be comfortable on them when they are covered with plastic?

When it comes to Italian fashion design in the world of furniture, you will often find more than your share of leather items from which to choose. Leather furniture items are a sign of class, sophistication, and quality. Leather furniture items are also relatively easy to keep clean. After all, no one is making the mistake of believing that you are not living your life on the furniture that you buy.

Caring for leather is easy to do. Every six to twelve months you can use a conditioner to keep the leather in good shape and in between the conditioning, simply wipe up the spills as they happen with a clean cloth. Soaps, detergents, solvents and other normal cleaning supplies should be avoided, however.

Everyone has a sense of their own home when they are growing up. They just don’t have any ownership of style or choice when it comes to household furniture. When you grow up, however, you suddenly start making decisions for yourself about the kind of furniture you want. The kind of furniture that makes a statement about who you are. Maybe you like a rustic, country feel. Maybe Italian fashion design speaks to you more clearly.

Take your time picking out the furniture you want in the home of your own. It is going to stay with you for quite a long time and, more importantly, your furniture choice is going to tell your guests just who you are and what you are like. Do you know who you are?

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