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First Date Fear? Consider These Confidence Boosting Shoes

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First dates can be intimidating and anxiety producing. You essentially are sharing a meal or in an activity with a complete stranger. The internet and online dating has contributed to an increase in first dates that are also blind dates. As you prepare for your upcoming first date, remember that visual cues are important. Some studies have shown that visual cues are 3X to 5X as powerful as audio cues. How you look is important, at least on your first date.

Be well groomed

Your appearance begins with proper grooming habits. Ensure that you are showered, shaved, and fresh for your date. Your blind date will appreciate the cleanliness. It will also help them to develop a first impression of you being well groomed. Additionally, well groomed can include clean clothing, clean shoes, and well fitted items. Psychology studies reveal that first impressions are formed within 7 to 17 seconds of meeting someone, 55% of a person?s opinion is determined by physical appearance. Ensure that you are giving off a fresh and clean first impression.

Carefully consider your clothing choices

Your date will also notice the clothing you chose for the date. Your clothing says a lot about you, giving your date a good idea of your overall style. If you want to appear laid back and causal, consider going with jeans or khakis and a nice pair of Italian loafers. If you want to put off a more formal vibe, consider going with dress pants, a dress shirt, and a pair of mens exotic shoes. Mens exotic shoes can include crocodile skin shoes or designer leather shoes. The type of first date planned will also factor into your clothing and shoe choices. Think about the location and the type of activities you will be participating in.

Change up your style with accessories

Accessories can really change up your style. They can either dress up or dress down an outfit, making it more appropriate for the occasion. Accessory usage has increased over the years. Approximately 75 million people, or roughly 23% of the total US population are millennials (ages 18 to 34) and millennial men are a key consumer base for personal accessories. Accessory options include designer leather belts, men?s leather bags, and designer jackets. Accessories are also a great way to increase the overall style of your outfit. You can do this by matching a leather belt with a quality pair of mens exotic shoes.

Remember to smile and be yourself

There is no question that a good outfit and a nice pair of mens exotic shoes can improve your confidence. Improving your confidence generally leads to a more successful first date. However, the most important part is to smile and remember to be yourself. Always choose clothing items and shoes that represent who you are. You want to give your date a good idea of your personality and who they are dating, just as you want the same from them. Otherwise, you are simply wasting each other?s time by attempting to be someone that you both are not. While looks are important to a first impression, they are not everything, and a successful relationship cannot be built upon them.

Anyone that has experienced a first date understands how overwhelming they can be. You might feel like you cannot be yourself, because you are so filled with fear. First impressions are important, especially when it comes to first dates. Choose your outfit and luxury Italian loafers carefully to develop a great first impression and to build your confidence. Smile and remember that the other person is just as nervous as you are. Go into the first date with an open mind and you can accomplish it successfully.

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