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Do You Hunt Often? Find the Best Camouflage Clothing

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Though camouflage is prominently used in the military and is often used in the context of hunting, it is also used for various types of camo clothing, from camo formal dresses to camo bathing suits and more. There are even pink camouflage baby clothes available.

Though camouflage can be found being utilized by the various branches of the American military today, it was also used during World War II to effectively hide soldiers in the field of battle. The camouflage patterns that the military put to use at that time were originated by the artists Jacques Villon and Grant Wood in 1942. With regard to the war in Afghanistan, Congress passed a bill that OK’d $106 billion in spending, supplying 70,000 camo uniforms for the troops there.

Outside of the context of war, the camo aesthetic has numerous other applications. These include camo purses and handbags, camo trucks–even camo wedding gowns and and camo wedding cake.

Finding the best clothing and accessories that have this kind of pattern all comes down to your personal style and taste, and what you want to use the items for. If you have questions, comments, or recommendations regarding camo wedding cake or any other topic related to the camouflage style, be sure to share your thoughts in the section below. Continue reading here:

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