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Do You Take Good Care Of Your Eyes? The Benefits Of Polarized Sunglasses For Sports And Fashion

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The benefits of polarized sunglasses are many and varied, but the most important one is that they can protect your eyes from harmful rays. If you are suffering from degenerative vision loss, it may be helpful to wear polarized sunglasses outdoors. Those suffering from an age-related eye condition may also benefit from wearing polarized sunglasses as they help reduce glare and improve contrast. But before getting yourself a pair of polarized sunglasses, it is first important to get advice from vision therapy services on whether these glasses will benefit you. This is important because, in some cases, the glasses might affect your vision further if you have already been diagnosed with certain eye conditions.

Eye services can help you in several ways. They can advise you about which type of sunglasses would suit you best and what kind of lenses should go into them. They can also tell you how often you need to replace your glasses. If you can’t see clearly, the services might perform a test called refraction. This involves looking at objects through a lens and seeing how well they focus on your retina. You can always look online if you don’t know where to find such services. Plenty of websites offer information on the different types of polarized sunglasses available.

Oral health is straightforward. Skin health even more so. What about eye health, though?

Taking care of your eyes can seem as simple as just turning off the lights before you go to bed, but it’s a little more complicated than that. Your eyes are fragile muscles, needing just as much stretching and rest breaks as any other part of your body. During the summer? You need to go the extra mile to protect your eyes from the sun so you don’t encourage the early onset of cataracts or any number of vision problems. Polarized sunglasses for sports, half frame sunglasses and photochromatic lenses are just a few of the options you can choose to give your eye health a boost.

Let’s learn how they work so you can start enjoying the benefits sooner rather than later!

Did You Know?

Sunglasses are so common they can almost be called mundane. You can thank designers for pushing sunglasses into the fold and turning them into one of the most popular fashion accessories in the world. Life Magazine recently published an article about the growing popularity of sunglasses, estimating just 30% of those purchased back in the day were worn to protect the eyes. Interestingly enough, sunglasses are so common they end up seeing a lot of breakage or replacement in the average day. It’s estimated an American will lose or sit on a pair of sunglasses every 15 minutes.

The Rising Popularity Of Sunglasses

Who else do we have to thank for the rising popularity of polarized sunglasses for sports and fashion? Well, one Luxury Goods Company produces up to 75% of the world’s designer sunglasses. These include Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Burberry, all designed and manufactured by the Italian company Luxottica. They also own the popular Oakley and Ray-ban brands. People have worn sun-blocking eyewear for an estimated 2,000 years, according to historians, and the evolution they’ve gone through since has transformed them into a must-have for any closet or purse.

Common Eye Issues Faced Today

What kinds of eye issues should you expect to face when you neglect your eye health? People who regularly work on the computer have to contend with strained eyes, as staring too long at a bright screen puts tension on your inner muscles and leads to blurred vision, headaches and difficulty processing light. UVA and UVB rays can also damage your eyes and encourage the early onset of any number of degenerative illnesses. Polarized sunglasses for sports are specifically designed to keep these fears at bay, turning away the sun while still making it easier to see.

Sunglasses As Fashion

Why not kill two birds with one stone? Affordable prescription sunglasses can be just as stylish as they are protective. Back in 2012 a little over 95 million units of plano sunglasses were sold in the United States, with around five million being sold by online entities. Plano (or polarized and non-polarized) is a term used to denote eyeglasses that don’t have a curvature for correction vision defects. This is an important distinction if you’re nearsighted or have any other issues that could cause your sunglasses to do more harm than good.

Choosing The Right Pair Of Sunglasses

The right pair of sunglasses for one person may be little more than a burden to another. This is why you need to take a tally of all your different needs and ensure your purchase will go as far as possible. Today general purpose cosmetic lenses are required to block 70% of UVB rays, while general purpose has a minimum of 95% of both UVB and UVA light. Special purpose is the most powerful of all, able to block nearly 100% of UVB rays. Today around 75% of American adults either wear prescription or plano sunglasses.

Protecting your eyes and looking stylish all the while. Is it any wonder why polarized sunglasses for sports, boating and fishing are so popular?


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