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Exotic Skin Shoes for Men

Alligator skin shoes

There are very few opportunities for men to truly indulge in luxurious fashion. They are far more limited than women in the styles, colors, and materials from which their clothing and shoes are made. Exotic skin shoes is one of the few areas men can draw attention to their elevated sense of fashion in any venue.

Crocodile Skin Shoes

Crocodile skin shoes for men are stylish and extraordinary. The skin of the infamous predator is among the most highly prized in the industry. It is not only supple and beautiful but also durable and comfortable. The distinctive pattern makes it easily recognizable. Wearing crocodile skin also gives the wearer a visceral appreciation of wearing the skin of one of the deadliest creatures on the planet.

When wearing exotic skin shoes, it is important to follow certain procedures to ensure they remain in top condition. Shoes should be rotated at least once every couple of days. When you walk, the materials within the footwear compress. Rotating them regularly will help ensure they retain their shape and level of comfort longer.

Ostrich Skin Shoes

Ostrich skin boots for men have a unique texture. It sets these shoes apart visually even for those who have limited exposure to exotic skin shoes. Many of the world?s most famous design houses have utilized ostrich skin in their collections.

To help keep the shoes in the best condition possible, it is a good idea to store them properly. Shoe trees are one of the best ways to store exotic skin shoes. Wooden stands are ideal for home storage but plastic trees are easier for owners who are traveling.

Eel Skin Shoes

Mens eel skin shoes showcase the gorgeous striped grain of the leather. The fabric-like quality of the skin is a byproduct of the fishing industry. Each panel of this leather is created by piecing together dozens of individual skins together. This soft flexible exotic leather makes it fantastic for footwear.

Although eel leather is remarkably water resistant, cleaning exotic skin shoes should be done with care. If something other than water is spilled on the shoes, soak up the liquid but do not rub the leather while it is wet.

Psychological studies have indicated that a person?s first impression is generated within the first 20 seconds of meeting someone. More than half of this opinion is created from the physical appearance of the individual. It makes sense to ensure the best possible impressions are made by meticulously selecting each component of one?s appearance. The inclusion of exotic leather shoes can elevate your appearance.

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