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What is Your Favorite Source of Entertainment News?

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Our society definitely has a fascination with the glitz and glamor of Hollywood and celebrity life. Perhaps it’s the allure of a life that seems to be full of luxury and devoid of worries. Maybe it’s the characters and stories that are portrayed in the films, shows, and music that the celebrities behind them create and display for the public to marvel at. Whatever the case may be, celebrity culture is certainly one that is unique and held in high esteem for many.

Where do you get your entertainment news?

There are countless sources of celebrity gossip, news, updates, and opinions. And it is no surprise, as there is plenty of demand for this type of entertainment news. The preoccupation that a large percentage of the population has with the lives and lifestyles of the rich and famous is quite an interesting one. One could almost say that celebrities are the modern age equivalent of idols that ancient peoples used to worship.

Whatever your level of interest in entertainment news is, or your need to keep up on current celebrity news, just be careful which celebrity gossip sites you choose to visit. Celebrities are indeed, people like we are, and entitled to some privacy and a chance at a normal life. Choosing to frequent sites that are known to continually disrespect these people we put on pedestals creates the wrong type of demand, especially when the photographers and others running such sites are doing what they do just for the money and to appease the rampant curiosity of the public. By supporting the right sites, the public can send a message: that we are only interested in the celebrity style if we can find out about it in a respectful way.

Admiring the success

Part of the reason that the general public is so infatuated with celebrities is the fact that favorite and beloved celebrities not only symbolize the characters that are so loved, but also the level of success that is promised to everyone in that elusive American dream that everyone hears about. It is an idea something along the lines of royalty: becoming a celebrity promises wealth, fame, and an elevated status within society. And one idea in particular, the idea that someone can rise so far up from where they first began, resonates with so many.

There are incredible stories of the climb and resulting success. Take, for instance, Tyra Banks, who was the very first African American to find her way onto the cover of GQ magazine, back in 1996, as well as the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated that same year, and a Victoria’s Secret catalog. Beyonce is considered a queen in the music world, with an estimated net worth of $450 million. And Oprah Winfrey found great success with her show that aired from 1986 to 2011. These are just a handful of the stories that enthrall millions of admiring fans around the globe.

Whatever your interest level is with celebrities and the pedestals we put them on, it is worth considering the bigger picture.

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