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Five Ways Memory Foam Mattresses Can Improve Your Sleep

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Do you have trouble sleeping at night? You’re not alone. About 62 percent of Americans also report problems sleeping at least once a week. While your sleep troubles could be a result of a variety of different issues, you could easily be getting better sleep at night by trying a memory foam mattress.

It’s been suggested that you should replace your mattress about every seven years — and if you’re over 40, you should replace it as often as every five years. If it’s time for you to replace your mattress, read these five ways a memory foam mattress can give you a better night sleep.

1. They’re perfect for everyone: Your ideal mattress depends on the position in which you sleep and how much your joints and muscles require support. Memory foam mattresses are highly versatile in this regard, as they contour to your body’s shape and sleeping position. This makes them perfect for sleeping partners who sleep in different positions — now you and your husband or wife can be getting better sleep together.

2. They relieve aches and pains while you sleep: Memory foam mattresses can help reduce and even eliminate body aches and soreness, all while you sleep! They also stay warm throughout the night, providing a soothing, comfortable and high-quality rest.

3. They’re hypoallergenic: All memory foam is hypoallergenic, meaning it won’t bother anyone with sensitivities to allergens.

4. Your doctor recommends it: Because of the way memory foam supports your joints and skeleton as you sleep, thousands of doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists recommend a memory foam mattress as a means of getting better sleep.

5. No more mattress flipping: Memory foam mattresses will never sag like traditional mattresses, so you’ll no longer have to go through the hassle of flipping or rotating your mattress again!

Getting better sleep doesn’t have to be impossible. Visit a few local mattress stores to see just how life-changing memory foam mattresses can be!

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