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Fun Ways Your Guests Can be a Part of Your Special Day

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Everyone knows your wedding day should be all about you — the blushing bride. However, the key to having a memorable wedding that people will be talking about for years to come is to make sure your guests are active participants. While some guests may enjoy just sitting back and watching your beautiful evening unfold, most like to be involved in the festivities and helping you make wonderful memories. After all, as your friends and family, your special day is important to them, too.

One time-honored way your closest friends and family can be involved is by being part of the wedding party. The average bride and groom typically have four to five bridesmaids and four to five groomsmen standing beside them when they say “I do.” Another way that is gaining popularity is to invite a close friend or family member to officiate, which can make your ceremony unique and deeply personal. In fact, only 57% of couples hire a professional ceremony officiant, compared to 63% who did so in 2009.

It seems simple enough to give your very close friends and family members a role to play on your wedding day, but what about your other guests? Whether your have 20 or 300, your guests will want to play an active role in making your day the best it can be. One fun way to get your guests up and moving is to invite them to use indoor sparklers. Wedding sparklers are fun for guests of all ages. With a wedding sparkler send-off, guests can enjoy lighting and waving their sparklers — and you will be sure to have many beautiful photographs of smiling faces and wedding sparklers lighting up the night!

Though sparkers are traditionally used outside, indoor sparklers are smoke-free and are available in a variety of sizes. Offering more pizzazz than candles and flowers, indoor sparklers can be a perfect addition to your venue decor and they are sure to be an accessory that your guests will remember. If you plan to buy sparklers for your special day, make sure to order enough for about 75% of your guests, and you’re sure to have plenty.

A wedding only lasts one day, but the memories you and guests make will last a lifetime. Your photographs of your friends and family having a great time and giving you a beautiful wedding sparkler send-off will be something you can treasure forever.

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