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Interior Design Firms Can Make a House a Home

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What makes one house the place you want to sit down and spend the afternoon, and another house a place that you can not get out of soon enough? It might be the owners, it might be the cleanliness, but more than likely, that “thing” that makes you want to hang out forever, is the interior design.

While some people think that interior design and its principles are only available to the very wealthy, the truth of the matter is any one can apply interior design principles, no matter what the budget. If you are a first time home or office owner, you might want to consult interior design services so that you can get advice about what home furnishings are the most important to invest in first. If you are a second or third time home buyer an interior decorator can help you take inventory of your current likes, and combine those with your future goals for your home.

You will not be alone if you decide to visit interior designers and their studios when you are planning to build or remodel. Among homeowners planning interior design or home improvement projects in the next two years, 58% are planning to hire professional help. While picking a wall or furniture color might seem easy–42% of males and 30% of females say blue is their favorite color–coordinating the things you like to look at with the functions of furniture and rooms is a little more difficult.

You might be able to notice, for example, that you and your husband often wear a similar shade of orange, but that exact color may not be what you should plaster all over your new or remodeled house. An interior expert can help you decide on a shade of orange that you will not tire of, a particular paint finish that will be easy to keep clean, and a wood finish that will both last and compliment the other furnishings.

Since 84% of people plan to redecorate their homes and 40% plan to build an addition or remodel in the next two years, the housing design market is flooded with choice. Everything from expensive, quality Temecula window treatments, to fabrics and furniture in the popular chevron pattern that many under the age of 45 choose. A certified and trained interior specialist can help you narrow the choices and increase your chances of loving the results!

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