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How EMF Radiation Might Secretly Be Affecting Your Everday Life

Emf radiation protection

With the prevalence of electronic goods in our modern society many health conscious consumers are searching for how to block EMF radiation in their homes and lives.

What are Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

While the term EMF is more than likely to raise the hackles of most individuals interested in the environment and natural living, the truth is that electromagnetic fields are naturally occurring. In fact most living organisms give off a small amount of EMF energy. With that said, we do live in a technologically dependent era in which many of the small appliances that make our existence easier actually do raise our exposure to electromagnetic field radiation. For example, you are probably reading this article on a computer, maybe while waiting for a call on your cordless phone or watching television or listening to music on the radio. All of those electronic devices emit a certain level of electromagnetic radiation. There are numerous studies being conducted right now about the effect that the prevalence of cellular towers in the last twenty years and EMF effects on the natural environment of certain organisms.

What Are Excessive EMF Dangers?

While certain studies have stated that lower levels of electromagnetic radiation exposure is no cause for real concern, many health conscious Americans are concerned that there has not been enough testing to come to conclusive results, especially considering the uncharted rise in EMF signatures. The concern is that all the things that are quickly becoming indispensable in our daily lives, such as wi-fi and cellular networks, might be affecting our health negatively. For example several studies have linked long term cellular phone usage to different carcinogens in humans that can result in brain tumors. Exposure to high levels of EMF radiation has been said to cause nausea, dizziness and disorientation, headaches, fatigue, and infertility. The question of how to block EMF radiation is not an easy one considering how prevalent it is in our daily lives. It might seem like the only sure fire way is to get away from the city and the grid completely, but it doesn?t have to be that extreme. Even though EMF radiation is all around us there are specific steps that we can take every day to reduce our exposure to EMF radiation.

Go Back to the Days of Wires and Cords

It seems that in the last ten years wi-fi networks have changed from being a convenience to be an absolute necessity for most people. The only evidence you need of this is to take a look at any new computer, most of them do not even have a standard Ethernet cable port. It seems that wired media is going the way of the floppy disk. If you are concerned with lowering your levels of EMF exposure at home, the first and easiest step you can take is to embrace wires and cords once again. Instead of using cordless phones use the traditional landline. Rather than using wi-fi, opt instead for a computer that has Ethernet connectivity.

Use a Headset with Your Cellular Phone

It almost impossible for most people to function without their cell phones these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reduce your exposure to EMF radiation. Avoid using Your cellphone and opt for landlines. If you use your cellphone, then avoid placing it next to your head and get a headset instead.

Remove Electronic Devices From the Bedroom

This next EMF safety tip is a fairly simple, one that many people tend to forget. After having a full day of being exposed to ambient EMF radiation, the last thing you should do is subject yourself to an additional 8 hours while you are sleeping. Not only will removing electronic devices from your sleeping chamber help to block EMF radiation, but it will also help you to get more restful sleep due to your body being able to enter a deeper state of sleep.

If you are looking for how to block EMF radiation in your life it will take a bit of effort, but the long term health effects may be worth any inconvenience that you may encounter. You can find more ideas for how to block EMF Radiation by searching online communities.

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