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How Many Days Until Your Upcoming Wedding?

Tablecloth and chair cover rentals

The plans are in place, and you are on the final countdown to the big day. Your oldest daughter is getting married on the last Friday of the month and you feel like you have most of the plans in place. You have made some of the plans so long ago, in fact, that you even have some of the things already paid for. You had one hang up, however, when it came to the yards and yards of the fabric that your daughter wanted to use for one of the walls in the reception space.
The soon to be bride loved everything about the reception, dinner, and dance space except the wall behind where the head table would be setting. Your daughter simply assumed that she could buy fabric to cover the back wall and all would be well. Unfortunately, she did not understand the amount of fabric that would be needed. In the end, however, you actually found a local place that provides fabric rentals for weddings and other gatherings. You knew that wedding linen rentals were available for smaller table covers and other needs, but you did not know that there was such a thing as fabric rentals for weddings. With those details finally getting planned, you are hoping that you can sit back and relax these last few days and prepare to watch your beautiful daughter marry the man of her dreams.
Are You in the Final Days of Planning for Your Daughter’s Wedding Celebration?
Whether you are nearing the end of planning all of the details or you are just starting planning for the chair cover rentals and other details for an upcoming event, it is always wise to be aware of the items that are available for rent instead of purchase. Consider some of these facts and figures about the many items that brides consider wen they are making plans about where to rent table linens for weddings:

  • 50 billion is the current revenue that weddings typically represent.
  • 165 is the average number of wedding guests at a ceremony.
  • 88% of Americans marry at least once in their lifetime.
  • 50% of all couples report that they spent more on their celebration than they had originally budgeted.
  • 50% of women report spending 11 hours each week on planning their event and admit that they find planning their wedding more stressful than they imagined.
  • An average of 44,230 weddings take place every weekend.

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