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How to Protect High End Furniture With Young Children

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Many people would say that young children and high end furniture do not mix. How then, do you mix being a parent with having a nice home full of quality furniture? Having children does not always mean that you have to give up the nicer things in life, it simply means that you have to pay more attention to the care and maintenance of them.

Opt for the leather protection

Most high end furniture suppliers offer additional add on services. One of these services is leather protection. It is a coating of material that makes the current leather stronger in quality. It prevents rips, tears, and early wearing down of the leather furniture. You can keep up with your leather protection by regularly coating the furniture with additional leather protection materials every couple of months. However, if you have multiple children or especially active children, you may want to use the leather protector even more frequently.

Invest in a good leather of material cleaner

Leather absorbs spills differently than say, fabric furniture does. You cannot clean up a spill on a fabric couch and a leather couch and expect the same result. Different types of furniture require different cleaning materials. High end furniture requires the use of deep cleaners. Fabric furniture may stain easier, making leather upholstery a better option for young children. Leather is easy to care for. Just use a conditioner every 6 to 12 months and wipe up spills as they occur with a clean cloth.

Have deep stains professional cleaned immediately

Many high end furniture stores also provide professional cleaning services to furniture purchased in their store. Know the process for the cleaning warranty and have deep stains cleaned as soon as possible. As soon as you realize that the stain is not lifting, schedule an appointment with the cleaning company. In many cases, if they are unable to clean it within the required amount of time, they will replace that part of the furniture for free. Stains happen with children, just ensure that you have the necessary cleaning warranty and you don?t have to worry about it.

Rotate cushions

Stains are not the only damaging thing to furniture when children are involved. Children tend to be more active and energetic, which can wear on a couch?s cushions. You can prevent worn down cushions on one area of the modern couches by regularly rotating the cushions. As you rotate one cushion out and replace it with another one, you are giving that cushion time to unconstrict and fluff back up. People sit on their sofa for an average of 4 hours each day. This amount of usage over many years can create a permanent dent in a well cushioned cushion.

Couch protectors

As children get older, they understand more the importance of protecting the furniture and house. However, when they are extremely young, they do not quite understand how to be careful. Consider using couch protectors for your modern sofa during this time. That way, if something is spilled or an especially messy accident occurs on the sofa, the couch protector can easily be replaced. Many couch protectors also have the ability to be washed in the washer and then put back onto the furniture.

Wood protectants

It is also important to protect other areas of the couch and chairs, besides the cushions alone. A lot of Italian furniture is made with high quality wood on its legs and underside. Rough movements and constant moving along the floors can actually damage the woods. Remember to also protect the legs and backing of your furniture with a high quality wood protectant. The wood does not receive as much traffic, so it will not need to be applied as often.

Furniture is usually the third most expensive thing a person will ever buy, after a house and a car. It can be difficult to justify spending a lot on furniture when you have young children in the house. However, if you follow these protection tips, you can keep your house in style with the best high end furniture, while also ensuring that it is properly protected and covered.

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