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Why Giving is Good for the Soul and the Earth

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We have all seen the license plates, those ones with the small purple emblem in the corner, but how many people actually know what is a purple heart in the military? There ois no denying the fact that serving ones country by joining the armed forces is one of the most brave and trying acts of service. Considering the current climate of the world it is seems now more than ever that conflict is not a matte of if, but when. Consider the current and long running instability in the middle east. If it was not for the brave men and women that serve everyday to keep of safe from foreign and domestic threats we would all be living in aa drastically different world right. That is why it is important to find ways to give back to those that serve us so gallantly.

What is a Purple Heart in the Military?

While many people have general clue about what is a purple heart in the military, the answer might be more complicated than you think. Purple hearts are awarded to soldiers that have been injured in the line of duty. While this is the simple answers there is so much more involved. Consider this, many military families are affected directly and indirectly by combat. For every soldier wounded, there are several friends and loved ones that mentally and emotionally wounded as well.

Giving Back by Reducing Waste

It is an unfortunate fact that several tons of clothes are wasted every day. According to the latest estimates about 12 tons of clothing and textiles find their way to the landfill every year. These clothes, while used, are perfectly able to provide another owner use. This is why charitable donations are so important. Many times charitable donations can go to help a military that may be in need. With spring right around the corner, scheduling a charitable clothing clothing donation is the way to go when it comes to cleaning out unwanted garments, while at the same time providing others that may be in need with the gift of garments. Donating clothing is easier than ever due to many organizations now offering free donation pickup services.

This spring considering giving to others while saving the planet. Look into chnging your spring cleaning into spring giving.

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