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Makeup has become a staple for women all across the nation. In fact, one in three women will not even leave the house without putting makeup on. And a study in 1991 found that woman politicians who used Hollywood makeup artists and photographers were actually 30 percent more likely to win in their elections. Kind of horrifying, when you think about it. What kind of debacles could have been avoided if people did not vote that way? coughSarahPalincough. And one more terrible tidbit. A quarter of women believe that they will be passed over for promotion if they do not wear makeup to work.

Well, it is clear that our society has become inundated with a sense of the importance of makeup. And as such, there are tons of different types and brands of makeup on the market today. Some types play to certain strengths, but you can always find a good brand that will work as versatile, every day wear. And versatile every day does not equal boring, by any means. Standard, every day makeup can be fun, colorful and full of personality. Just like you!

When looking for make up, you have three varieties of foundation to choose from. You can go with liquid foundation, cream foundation, or powder foundation. And from there, you can get almost anything you want. Eye makeup primer, lip spackle, waterproof eyeliners, and finishing powders are just a fraction of the cool names that you will find on store shelves.

You can even get certified organic makeup. Not tested on animals makeup. And handmade with hand collected ingredients makeup. Or, you can buy the stick of lipstick off of the dollar store shelf. It depends on how much you care about what goes on your face, how much you are willing to spend, and how much you care about your makeup in general. Whatever brand or type of eye makeup primer, be aware of expiration dates. To extend the shelf life of your makeup, store it in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight. Again, this will extend its life, but not keep it forever. If you find a mascara that you have not seen in years, perhaps you should just toss it and go buy another. Read this for more.

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