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Ordering Custom Jewelry for Your Wedding

Jewelry and precious gems have captured the imagination of people around the world for millennia, owing to the beauty and rarity of these precious metals and gems. In centuries past, it was mainly nobility and royalty who could afford them, but now, many families have personal heirlooms such as necklaces, rings, and earrings. Not only that, but customers at jewelry stores may buy not just the models that they see, but order custom jewelry, too. Wedding rings, wedding bands, engagement rings, necklaces, and more can constitute custom jewelry, and the options are endless. Some of the top bridal styles today may call for particular gems or metals, and this is where personalized bridal jewelry can come in. Some customers will order custom jewelry for themselves, but many men may ask for custom jewelry as unique engagement rings for their girlfriends. Custom jewelry design can be classy, personal, and fun, too.

Designing Some Custom Jewelry

There are a number of factors to consider with a piece of jewelry, such as a ring. The body may be made of gold, silver, white gold, or rose gold, and it can be carved or etched with all sorts of patterns and styles. Then there is the gem itself, which may be a diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, and more, and such gems can be cut into different patterns as desired. Not to mention the purity of that gem, and its size, or carats. All of these factors will be pre-set in off-the-shelf jewelry models a person can find at a shop, but they can order custom jewelry if they don’t find something they want.

A customer, often a man, may visit a jewelry store and ask for custom jewelry as an engagement ring. To start, the customer may describe what they want the ring to look like, and this includes all the aspects mentioned above, among others. The jeweler on staff will make a colored sketch to show the customer, to make sure that everyone agrees on the final design. Now, the jeweler will take time to create that ring according to the design, and this may take a few weeks or so. When the ring is ready for pickup, the customer may be notified, and they can purchase it.

The traditional model for an engagement ring is a diamond in a gold band, and this is still popular today. Still, some customers may modify this design, and anything can be altered. The ring may have the girlfriend’s birth stone in it, or simply a stone of a color that she likes, and it can be cut into any pattern. Even the metal braces that hold the gem in place come in different patterns and styles, though the gem should be securely held in place so it doesn’t pop loose too easily. What is more, the body of the ring can have custom patterns or messages carved into it, such as the bride and groom’s names, or the date when they first met, or a sentimental or personal message. A girlfriend may be deeply impressed with a custom engagement ring that suits her tastes and her unique relationship.

Some men may choose to enlist help with this, as women often have particular tastes in their jewelry and their boyfriends might not know all the details. A boyfriend may ask a trusted friend or relative of his girlfriend, such as her sister or mother, to secretly help with ordering a custom ring. That helper may know the girlfriend’s taste in jewelry, and this can help prevent a situation where a fiancee doesn’t actually like the design of her ring.

Any jewelry shopper should also be careful about only guying gems from reputable vendors, as gems vary in their quality. There is an entire rating scale for a gem’s purity, and this affects price and rarity. A truly flawless gem, or FL, is extraordinarily rare and expesnive, and the scale goes all the way down to I, or “included flaws.” Ideally, a ring’s gem is somewhere in between, such as being rated VS (very slightly included) or SI (slightly included). A reputable jeweler will have all gems accurately rated and be honest with the customer about any gem’s purity rating.

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