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Protect the Children! How to Best Protect Against EMF Dangers

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Technology such as cordless phones, laptops, cell phones, microwaves, and more has become so integrated into our daily lives, that it’s rare for us to stop and consider the harmful effects some of these objects might be having on us. Each of these objects emits radiation of some kind and though we’re constantly engaging with them in some way or another, often for extended amounts of time, it’s still new enough that we haven’t been able to map long-term effects just yet. However, what’s been proven so far isn’t very comforting. What are some cordless phone health risks or laptop radiation effects that you didn’t know about? What can you do to protect yourself and your family from these risks? Children can be particularly susceptible, as can empaths, and those who are electromagnetically sensitive. Luckily, there ways to block radiation and EMF (electromagnetic force), with items such as EMF shields and EMF protection jewelry.
Why Should I Be Concerned About EMF?
One of the major cordless phone health risks is exposing yourself to radiation regularly. Some researchers say that using a cordless phone could be even more dangerous than using a cell phone. Cancer is to of the list with cordless phone health risks and that goes for laptops and consistent exposure to EMF.
As far back as 2007, public safety limits for EMF levels were deemed inadequate to properly protect the public’s health and lawmakers agreed that new safety limits were needed back in 2002. Yet, this issue isn’t one that the public is talking about, for the most part. We’re all glued to our cell phones and laptops, and in many cases, simply couldn’t do without them. Indeed, there aren’t many signs that cell phone users (which more than doubled in number between 2006 and 2012) even know about the risks of EMF.
Now that cell phone use is even more widespread, thanks to smartphones, this could be an even huger issue. Smart phones should be at least an inch away from the face to limit their exposure to radiation, though many scientists don’t think that even this measure is enough, and many people don’t know of that rule. Additionally, cell phone towers are cropping up more in more, in their efforts to provide the best service. Many of these end up on pre-school, church daycare and school campuses, which means that children, who are some of the most vulnerable, have a much higher exposure at home and at school than even 20 to 25 days ago.
What are Some of the Effects of EMF?
EMF is harmful to cells at a billion times lower levels than regular heating and biological effects can be seen on cells at levels associated with cell phone and cordless phone use. In 2010, a study was conducted that showed children between the ages of 8-17 years of age who were exposed to EMF on a short-term basis had more headaches, irritation, and trouble concentrating in school. And in 2012, constant exposure to EMF led to physiological stress in cells after just a year and a half.
A national study was conducted that showed older adults (between the ages of 81-91) who were exposed to cell phone radiation just short-term had headaches, neurological problems, and trouble sleeping and concentrating. Perhaps more worrying, since 2008, there’s been an almost 30% increase in patients who had a brain tumor of an “unknown nature” which isn’t shown if one looks at the national cancer registry.
How Can I Protect Children and Myself From EMF and Radiation?
If you can see a cell phone tower that faces your way from under a 1,000 feet, you should look into shielding solutions. Generally, one home will need about 20 filters or shields, but depending how many electronic devices you have, you may need more or less. These can easily be purchased online and installed in your home with minimal fuss.
Protect yourself and your family from the dangers of EMF and radiation. Minimize cordless phone health risks, cell phone risks, and laptop risks by taking the right measures and doing your research.

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