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Simple Donations are the Easiest Way to Continue Helping Families in Need

Helping families in need does not have to be a challenge. Your wardrobe likely continues to grow while your closet just gets fuller, and the items you longer need could be used by others. Charity clothing donations work with locations all over the nation, from different charity organizations to community centers and more. Clothing and other donations can be dropped off or picked up, usually to meet your schedule as needed.

The Value of Donations Across the Country
There is much to consider with all that the American population donates to charity every year. One of the easiest things to donate is clothing, especially with the action to donate clothes to different charity locations. When helping families in need, about 70% of Americans make donations every year, with about 3% of total income given to charities annually. With many charity pickup services available in the United States, one of the most popular charities includes the American Red Cross. When you donate clothes to Red Cross and other charities, there is much to gain for yourself as well, including a tax deduction.

Charity Clothing Pick Up

Many organizations provide the benefit of charity pick up available all around the United States, allowing about 70% of the American population to offer extra clothing and household items to those in need. Many different charities come right to your front door to pick up clothing and other donations, providing benefits for both those who donate and those who gain the donated items. These charities work on helping families in need, helping military families, and much more. With so many organizations across the country that collect these donations, there is an ability for anyone to provide a donation at any time. Considering the fact that almost every American buys 10 pounds of new clothes every year, that makes for some items that can be turned over for the benefit of helping families in need.

Use a Regular Closet Flush to Donate to Charities

You may be able to clean out your closets during times like “Spring cleaning” and “weekly chores” and provide the extras to military families and many others in need. With all of these tasks, you have the option to benefit many American families in need and others as well. Considering the fact that your closets likely hold so many of those extra shirts or pants that don’t fit, along with items you just don’t wear anymore, it may just be easier to donate them to someone who could benefit from them. Items that are still in good condition are able to provide a quality donation for many different reasons:

  • Donations for veterans
  • Donations for military families
  • Helping families in need
  • Houseware donations
  • Donate clothing to charity

With these reasons and many more, there are several benefits to providing all of the items in your home that you no longer need.

There are many different locations where you can drop off the clothing or other items you donate to charities. Luckily, your own front porch is another option for clothing donation locations, when you can schedule a pick up at your best convenience. With charity clothing donations working for the benefit of so many different Americans in need, there is much to gain from providing these donations, whether they are charity clothing pickups or drop-offs. So many foundations around the country provide millions of tons of clothing around the country for the benefit of all families in need. Considering the approximate 82 pounds of clothing and other textiles that people throw away every year, there is much more that could be done with this material for those who are in need of clothing.

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