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Jeans were first only worn by farmers, cowboys and manual laborers out west and did not become a part of American subculture until the 1950s. Aside from certain rural areas in South Asia, people all over the globe still wear jeans today. While the jeans made decades ago are similar to the ones seen today, they were also not as flashy or comfortable as technology was not as far ahead as it is now. There are styles of pants to choose from nowadays such as coated jeans, studded jeans, rhinestone jeans and more making it easy to pick up a couple pairs that match your specific style. When shopping for jeans, it is important to try on each pair before purchasing as different brands may be a size above or below your average fitting measurements.

Jacob Davis first used copper rivets on jeans and simply did not have time or money to get a patent and later ended up partnering with Levi Strauss. Denim was permitted in the US Navy starting in 1901 even though sailors wore bell bottoms for years because the side legs let them roll their pants up while cleaning the decks of ships. Variations of these jeans are still seen today, although much more modernized as you can imagine. Anyone looking for coated jeans, embroidered jeans, or general novelty jeans is recommended to go on the internet for the widest selection. Browse from a number of styles of coated jeans and pick out what matches your preferences. Check out history first denim mystery solved italian art.html for more information on the history of jeans in general.

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